Book 2 :Dungeon Live on Amazon!
Book 1:Invasion and Book 2 Dungeon are available on Amazon!

In the first book of The Druid Legacy, Wesslayn Grace believes himself to be a normal twelve year old boy, and up until now he has been. Wess is propelled into a wild adventure as strange powers begin to manifest. He finds himself in the middle of an invasion of foreign creatures he never knew existed. In this fast paced story, Wess learns about himself, makes new friends, and battles powerful enemies.

In Dungeon, book 2 of the Druid Legacy series, Wess teams up with his new ally Samantha and will change their world forever! Massive battles against powerful foes drive the new team in more nonstop action than one story should be able to hold. Wess grows up quickly and will learn that every decision he makes have far reaching implications.

Thanks to  www.maverickdesignworks.com for the book cover design!

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